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What We Do

Cow Cuddling is trending 
Bonding with bovines may be just what the doctor ordered.This wellness phenomenon spiked in the United States during COVID when the things shut down and all of us were thrown into isolation. High levels of stress, anxiety and loneliness were common as people tried to adjust to the new normal. We saw a rise in self-care trends on social media. Tik Tok and facebook were flooded with self-care tips and wellness trends took social platforms by storm – all to help people feel a little less alone.  We wanted to bring this trend to Canada so we found the best bred, family raised, micro-mini cows and had them shipped to us from Colorado. 

What are the benefits?
There are a lot of benefits associated with a cow hugging session, which is spent just hugging, cuddling and spending time with a cow.Some people may enjoy hugging and cuddling while others may prefer to simply pet them or be in the same space.The time spent helps alleviate stress and anxiety by boosting oxytocin in humans.

According to the CDC, animals can also help reduce feelings of loneliness- something a lot of people could use. Whether someone is struggling with the aftermath of isolation from the pandemic, dealing with an illness, a major life change or loneliness from being in a home or hospital long term, animals can help with feelings of comfort and consolation. Additionally, since cows have a slower heartbeat, this can bring additional feelings of comfort. 


Is this a replacement for Therapy?
No, this does not magically fix underlying issues which may be impacting mental health. This wellness session can act as a momentary release of anxiety and stress and offer comfort. 

Why Seniors homes/long term care and hospitals?

We asked ourselves who would benefit most from this? Our answer was those who may be isolated, not able to get out to enjoy animals and may need some joy in their day.


Where can I cuddle a micro-mini cow?

Mini cows and Micro-minis in particular, are very rare in Canada. Our search led us to a reputable breeder in Colorado. After months of waiting and communicating with the owners, we were finally able to secure two beautiful high end registered micro-mini cows. If you are familiar with the show “Fixer Upper” with Chip and Joanna Gains, they acquired their mini-cows from the same farm!Their little cattle are featured on their TV show and are little stars 😊 We have had such a positive response to our little cows that we want to share our joy.


More Benefits

A 2021 survey from the Centers for Disease Control and prevention reported that 11.7% of adults ages 18 and over experience regular feelings of worry, anxiety and nervousness. 44% of high school students reported feeling hopelessness. The pandemic has had major impacts on mental health across all age groups including seniors.Cow cuddling is not a solution, but it is an option to help people feel joy and less stress.

Studies have shown that just being around animals can help decrease the stress hormone cortisol. Animals have always been a major source of stress relief, love and connection.The goal of cuddling a cow is to boost oxytocin. This hormone released during social bonding, helps reduce stress and increases positivity.Even the simple act of cuddling helps increase oxytocin according to the Harvard Health Publishing.


What’s in it for the cows?

Reports from the journal of Applied Animal Behaviour Science showed that stroking a cow helped the animal relax. Repeated petting showed signs of even further relaxation for the animals which supposedly, helps lower the cow’s heart rate. If a cow is not comfortable with a client they are never forced to stay in that situation. The sessions are completely voluntary for both humans and animals, but usually, cows are loving creatures that are happy to help someone feel a little less alone.


What does this cost?

Our prices are by the hour. We also offer to bring other miniature animals such as miniature silky fainting goats ( we are one of 6 registered breeders of this special goat). We also have a very cute miniature donkey that loves attention! All of our prices are listed on our booking page.  Our number one priority, along with bringing joy, is the care and health of our animals. 

We do guarantee that there will be smiles and joy if you decide to bring us to your facility or function.

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